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About C.O.P.E.

Courage, Optimism, Perseverance, Endurance. Here at C.O.P.E. Apparel LLC these are the values we stand for. We know that everyone, no matter their background or identity experiences hardship, challenges, and adversity throughout their lives. But through these principles infused with the art of storytelling we believe that there isn’t any obstacle we cannot overcome. Through C.O.P.E. we hope to inspire people to share their own experiences with challenges – and in turn, inspire others to conquer their own battles.

In pursuing his dream to cut into the fashion industry, C.O.P.E. founder Myran Brewer sewed together his passion for streetwear and his desire to uplift those around him. Thus, creating the C.O.P.E. brand. However, C.O.P.E. is more than just another streetwear brand. All too often people who experience challenges are also faced with a stigmatization that may minimize their experience. But we know that these experiences help define us. When you wear C.O.P.E. you are wearing more than just clothing. You are making a statement. A statement that says that you understand what it takes to overcome, you are vulnerable enough to share your story, and you are ready to empathize with those who share their story with you. Wearing C.O.P.E. speaks volumes because it is a commitment to overcoming together.

That is why, at C.O.P.E., we believe that everyone has a story worth telling. So what’s yours?