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About Founder


Myran Brewer grew up outside of Chicago in the south suburbs. With Southern roots tying his family back to Tennessee Myran has always had a soft spot for the South while balancing that with his love for the city life. From a young age Myran could appreciate how looking good made him feel. Perhaps, something he inherited from the meticulous care his mother would take in dressing him when he was young. As he grew up Myran often felt confined by social standards and rules which dictated his dress. While attending Catholic school Myran was forced to adopt a uniform which completely minimized his creative style. Periodically, his school would offer opportunities to break out of the typical drab uniform and pay $1 on what was known as ‘dress-down days’. Myran relished the opportunity to stylize his outfit – so much so he at times he would even add something new to his wardrobe just for the occasion. Throughout high school Myran embraced the sneakerhead lifestyle, picking up new kicks whenever he had the opportunity.

When the time came Myran headed off to the University of Iowa to pursue his degree in business analytics. Throughout his journey Myran was faced with hurdles and setbacks which delayed the progress of his degree. Numerous times he felt like he should quit and head back home; but nevertheless, he persisted. Through the support of those around him, his family and friends, and his inner determination Myran was able to successfully obtain his degree in May 2021. It was here at the University Iowa that Myran was able to articulate the skills which had motivated him to keep going. His courage, optimism, perseverance, and endurance had proven to been attributes that not only enabled him to get through college, but in fact, had continuously been used throughout his life to overcome challenges. It was this articulation that gave Myran the impetus to share his story with others. Myran came to the realization that while these characteristics proved beneficial for overcoming challenge in the moment, it would be the act of storytelling that would heal the hardship of the past.

It was at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in late 2019 early 2020 when Myran found the opportunity and need to bring his passion for fashion alive. In combining his business expertise, the skills he had learned throughout his journey, and the art of storytelling Myran brought the C.O.P.E. Apparel LLC brand alive.